Discover the Best Jet Charter Companies

What to Look for in the Best Jet Charter Companies


The typical airport experience can be stressful. Queuing to check in, long snaking lineups to go through security, extended waiting times before boarding, delayed flights: all these can lead to frustrated travellers. Airline schedules and flight routes can also be inconvenient. Flying itself can be just as harrowing, with cramped seating and no room to get work done. It’s no wonder that those who can afford them are acquiring private jets. And, increasingly, those who can’t afford a private jet of their own are booking seats on jets with private companies, making for a smooth and luxurious traveling experience. Here’s a guide to flying with the best jet charter companies.


The Benefits of Private Jet Travel


Travel can be a big part of our personal and business lives. In our increasingly busy world, time has become a precious commodity. Buzz words like productivity and efficiency are constantly being reinforced. And with our nationally and globally-linked economies, business travel continues to be a significant part of our schedule. Traveling on a private jet adheres to your schedule and itinerary, saving precious time for more important things. Flying with a private company is conveniently efficient. Flying privately can also allow you to arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to go.


Experience, Comfort and Safety


The first thing to look for in a company is experience and safety. Both management and crew should be made up of experienced veterans of the airline industry, with well-rested pilots, trained for all conditions. The company should meet or exceed the standards set out by Transport Canada and the FAA. Airplanes should have up-to-date safety inspections.

Once you find a company you can trust, make sure they have personalized service to meet your particular needs. Do you need work tables, Wi-Fi, power outlets, extra leg room or specific refreshments?

Understand the small print. Often, charter companies book seats on privately owned jets when they aren’t being used by their owners. This can seem like a good option, until the owners decide to make a last-minute trip and you are bumped and left stranded.




One of the best charter companies is run out of Toronto’s Pearson Airport. Charter Air Transportation Services or CATS has access to over 100,000 airports in North America. This company completely owns and operates their own fleet, so any booking you make is secure. CATS owns three different kinds of aircraft.


Surprisingly Affordable

While private jet travel used to be the domain of the super-rich, that is no longer the case. Smaller, more efficient planes, such as the kind offered by CATS make luxury travel easily obtainable. The cost of four or more traveling in a group is comparable to most business class fares on commercial airlines. If you factor in time saved and the cost of layovers or delays, booking a seat with one of the best private jet charter companies makes a lot of sense.